Silent Hammams - Popular Beliefs on Hammams in Qazvin

✍️ Fereshteh Bahrami

Aamout Press - 2017


Hammam hay-e Khamush (Silent Hammams) by Fereshteh Bahrami is a study on bathhouses in Qazvin, published by Aamout Press. The book begins with a brief description of the architecture of traditional bathhouses in the city, followed by a  detailed examination of bathhouse occupations, gender divisions within hammams, daily routines, bathhouse conversations and urban myths such as the “jinn and fairies” rumoured to have circulated in bathhouses.


The data is gathered through interviews with hammam workers and customers of twenty bathhouses in different historical districts of Qazvin. The study is an important introduction to the traditional popular culture of Qazvin and the social functions of old public spaces that have gradually faded throughout the course of history. 


Source: Isna

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