History of Cuisines

The public perception of history has often been confined to the lives of kings, rulers, courtiers, prominent figures and the history of wars. Such preconceptions can result in the disengagement of the general public and a perception of history as an elitist and exclusive domain with no tangible benefits for society. It is therefore crucial to discuss how the general public can relate to their past and appreciate its relevance to their present and to also address the responsibilities of historians and scholars in bridging the divide.


The study of people’s history and the history of everyday life is essential in building a more comprehensive picture of the past. History is a reflective narrative of national identity, cultural memory and collective struggles and it is crucial to creatively expand upon the collective features and micro-processes in bridging the gaps between historians and the general public. The history of cuisines and the study of the continuing human need, search and appreciation for food is a notable example of a historical process that remains relevant and applicable across generations. In the upcoming issues of Mardomnameh as well as on our website and social media channels, Hossein Manouchehri, a post-graduate student of contemporary Iranian history at the University of Tehran, will write on the history of cuisines in Iran. Our readers are encouraged to follow his research.



Post Date: November 18th, 2020
















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